Best 6×18 Soccer Goals 2016

One of the main reasons why so many soccer players love soccer is because they love the feeling when they score a goal. Soccer goals are a very important part at soccer, so without them playing soccer is not so good and after all unprofessional. Many goals are available, but today I will talk about bigger goals. To be more precise, I will talk about 6×18 soccer goals and goals with very similar dimensions. You will find out which are the best 6×18 soccer goals. I will also tell you why this goals are good. I have also picked my favorite one, which you can see at the end of this post. So, take a look and find some of the best 6×18 soccer goals.

6x18 soccer goals


5 best 6×18 soccer goals

Here I have listed best 6×18 soccer goals. Take a closer look!

Agora Semi Professional Goal

agora semi professional goal

Here is one of the great goals. Agora is producing high quality goals and here is one of them. This is also a 6×18 portable soccer goals, which is even better. It has a lightweight design, it’s made of aluminum and you can set it up easy and quick. What is also fantastic about this goal? It has a 5 year warranty on Materials and Workmanship.

Bownet Bow Goal

bownet bow 6x18 goal

This is another 6×18 portable soccer goal with comes with a carry bag, so it’s easier to move it around if you want. It made of rigid steel and has a pole construction made of fiberglass. It is really easy to set it up, you don’t need any tools, screws, snaps or snags.


golme pro 6.5x18.5 goal

This is one of the best sellers and top rated soccer goals which is available also in the size which this all post is about. It has a great design with which you can set up or take down the goal in about 3 minutes. It’s made from durable lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum. It also folds down, so it’s easier to move it around.

Soccer Innovations J Goal

soccer innovations j goals

This is another lightweight goal which you can set up in minutes. You can set it up quickly also because of its supporting poles which also reduce the fiddle factor. It will catch all balls, without the need of ground spikes.

AGORA Flat Goal

agora coaching flat goal

This is a little different goal. It’s a flat goal, but is still very popular and useful goal. It’s an aluminum goal coated with white powder. It also has the net fasteners, so it’s easy to set up the net. In this pack is included a 3mm net, net ties, heavy duty wheeled bag and steel ground shoes for better stability.

Why are this goals good?

Well this goals are good because people have already tested and rated them, so there are no worries about these products qualities.

Why is my favorite one?

My favorite goal is the first goal from the list. The Agora Semi Professional soccer goal. I know Agora brand is making high quality soccer goal. It is true that they are a little bit expensive, but they are still affordable and a great product for the money. It’s amazing and I have to tell this once again, that it has a 5 year warranty on materials and workmanship, which is one more indicator how quality products is this brand making.

Is there anything else?

Now you have come to the end of the listing and review of 6×18 soccer goals and I hope you found out some good information about them. Now it’s the time you order one or two of 6×18 soccer goals for yourself or you look at other soccer goals that may interest you. Maybe you will be interested in portable soccer goals or soccer goals on sale? Are you looking for youth goals? Take a look at soccer goals for kids. If you are searching goals for your home I suggest you look at backyard soccer goals. Hope this recommendation helps you. Please share this post on social profiles if you found any good information.