Best 8×24 soccer goals 2016

Soccer goals are one of the main equipment if we want to play soccer at a professional level or if we want to have best experience when playing for fun. There are available different soccer goals on the market, so it’s not easy to pick a good one. Today I will tell more about 8×24 soccer goals which we can also say they are full size soccer goals. I will tell you which are some of the best 8×24 soccer goals and why are these goals good. I have also picked which is my favorite goal which you can see at the end of the post.

best 8x24 soccer goals

5 best 8×24 soccer goals

Here I have listed some of the best 8×24 soccer goals. Take a look at this great goals.

Agora Stadium Pro

Agora Stadium Pro Goal

This one of the highest quality goals available on the market. It meets all FIFA, NCAA and NFHS requirements. This goal is made from 100% aerospace grade aluminum which has also a rust-proof construction.  In the kit you get the goal, one 4mm square net and a back bottom bar.

Bownet Portable Goal

bownet 8x24 goal

This is a portable 8×24 soccer goal, which is great, because you can play anytime anywhere. Bownet goals are one of the most popular portable soccer goals. This goal has a fiberglass pool and rigid steel construction. It’s like this, so you can set it up quickly without the need of any tool, screws, snaps or snags. You also get a carrying bag, which is a handy item.


golme pro goal

Another high quality portable 8×24 soccer goal. You can set this goal up or take it down in about 3 minutes. It has the ability to fold down, so you can easily move it around or storage it. This goal is made from durable lightweight aluminum (aircraft grade).

Pass Goal

Pass 8x24 goal

One of the popular full size goals right here. This is a heavy duty large goal which is made from galvanized steel. It comes with a net, Velcro straps and ground stakes.

G3Elite Goal

G3Elite full size goal

G3Elite soccer goals is made from galvanized steel frame which is white powder coated. It can be set up in 15 minutes and after that you don’t need to worry about anything else, because you can leave it any weather. You can also take it down to move it around if you want. This package includes a goal, 2 white quality square nets, Velcro straps, ground stakes and all remaining hardware.

Why are they good?

You probably know that online there are many scammers, which want just to take your money, so we should watch were we are buying things. One of the good places is for sure Amazon, because it’s a save store. Amazon is also good because there people leave their comments on ratings of products they buy and this is what I have also looked for. I looked for products with best ratings and reviews, so if you will order one of goals above, you can be sure that they are tested by other customers.

Which is my favorite?

My favorite goal is the first in the list, the Agora Stadium Pro Goal. While I was building the site I found many great comments for Agora products quality. I’m almost sure that with this goal you will have a great experience on the field. Maybe you are looking for quality & cheap 8×24 soccer goals? The truth is that is very hard to find them and most times you won’t get a high quality goal for low price.

Don’t know what to do now?

Don’t know what to do now? If you like one of the 8×24 soccer goals above it’s time that you order one or more for you. If not, you may look at other things that may interest you. Maybe you want to look at full size soccer goals or portable full size soccer goals which are similar or same as 8×24 soccer goals. However, hope you like this article and that you will share it around.