Facts to choose Best Foldable Soccer Goals 2016

Soccer is an awesome game and it wouldn’t be really good if we wouldn’t play it or practice it with real soccer goals. They are a must have thing, if we want to have best experience or be on a professional level. There are many goals available, but today I will talk and discuss about foldable soccer goal. In this post you will find what are the advantages of this goals and what are the differences from other goals. You will also find out which are the best foldable soccer goals and why are the ones I listed well. I have also made concise foldable soccer goals reviews, so you have an even better look at them. In the end I also added my favorite one. Now let’s take a look for more info below!

best foldable soccer goals

Best foldable soccer goals


Take a look at this reviews to find out more about specific goal models.

Dynamo Backyard Folding Goal

dynamo backyard folding soccer goal

This is one of top quality foldable soccer goals. It’s quite new on the market. This goal will fold flat in 5 seconds. It is a 3 x 5 portable aluminum goal. This goal is also used by top clubs around the world. It has only 19 lbs. You can use it in your backyard or at a local field. It has a rubber pads on feet, so you can use it outdoor or indoor, wherever you want.

Pass 5 footer

pass foldable soccer goal

Here is the Pass foldable soccer goal. The brand Pass is known about their foldable goals. This is a pop up soccer goal with a carry bag to easily transport it around. You don’t need any tool to set it up. Just put it out of the carry bag, unfold it and the work is done. It’s made by strong Fiberglass net.

Franklin Sports Premier

franklin sports premier goal

Here comes the Franklin folding soccer goal. Franklin is a much known brand which produces different type of goals. However, this goal is made from galvanized steel and it measures 10 x 5 x 4 ft. You can easily set it up anywhere for training individually or at club practices. It has a press button folding system which provides fast unfolding action. Also have precision fit couplings together with locking pins which take care that the goal stays in place.


golme pro pop up

This is one of the most popular small foldable soccer goals. This pop up goals is one of the most bought goals. In the package you get a pair of two portable goal for playing in your backyard, park or at the beach. Easily set it up, with just a twist. It also includes a carry bag for quick and easy transportation. Included also soft and hard ground anchoring stakes. There are 3 sizes that are available (2.5 ft., 4 ft. and 6 ft.).

6 ft. PUGG goal

6 ft pugg goals

Let’s move onto the last folding goal that I reviewed. This is another pop up goal which can praise itself with a great durability. Also this one has a carry bag for easy storage and transportation. Its sizes are 6′ x 3.5′ x 3.5′. You can use this portable soccer goal for training or any other games with your friends or family. When you collapse it, it become a 1-inch flat oval thing.

Why are these goals good?

Wondering why are these goals good and how have I picked them? Let me tell you how! I made a research and selected the best ones on the market. What I have looked for were good customer reviews and ratings. After all that, I added my own point of view, because I’m also into soccer and I think I know something about soccer equipment etc. I could also buy all the goals, but that would be pricey and I cannot afford that. These are awesome gift for any soccer player, coach, soccer mom or any other who is into soccer.

What are the difference from others?

Foldable soccer goals are different from other goals. They have one main difference, you can easily fold them. These is good because of storage and transportation reasons. Usually they are also lightweight, so it is really easy to move them around.

My recommendation and advice

Still a bit in doubt about which goal to choose? Let me help you my recommendation and favorite model. I have actually two favorite models and this are the Dynamo Backyard Folding Goal and the Franklin Sports Premier goal. I like the first one a lot because of its aluminum material and great design. It’s true that this is quite new goal on the market, but is top quality. I like the second one because of the popular brand Franklin and the rumors and ratings about this one. Personally I would choose the first one, because I think is more quality.

Next step is?

Now you have come to the end of my presentation and discussion about folding soccer goals. I really hope you found a lot of new information, so I think is now the time that you take action and you order one or more for you or someone else as a gift.