Guide to PVC soccer goals 2016

Goooooal is what we hear from commentators when a player scores a goal. Soccer goals are one of the main equipment if we want to play soccer professionally or have best experience when playing it for fun alone or friends. Of course there are a lot of different soccer goals, but today I will talk about PVC soccer goals. PVC soccer goals are one of the material which is a lot used for producing soccer goals. In this post I will show you which are some of good PVC goals. I have also done quick PVC soccer goal reviews, so you have everything in one place.

pvc soccer goals

5 best PVC soccer goals

Take a look at this great goals below!


Let’s begin with reviews of PVC soccer goals. Take a look at this goals below and maybe you find one you like.

Franklin Sports Blackhawk

franklin sports blackhawk pvc goalThis is one of the best PVC soccer goals on the market. It has good if not best reviews and ratings from the customers. This is a 6 x 4 soccer goal good for youth and it is a great tool to develop skill at home in the backyard or anywhere else. This goal is set up quickly, it has a net which can be used in all weather and you can also fold it flat to storage it easily.

Mylec goal

mylec soccer goalHere comes the Mylec soccer goal. This one of the most popular and sold PVC soccer goal. It is available in 3 sizes. These sizes are: 4’ x 4’, 12’ x 6’ x 4’ and 72’’ x 60’’ x 48’’. This goals are made in USA. They have a high impact PVC tubs which hold up rough play. You can assemble its heavy duty netting in minutes. You can use it indoor or outdoor, wherever you want.

Franklin Sports MLS 2 Set

franklin sports mls 2 goal setFranklin Sports brand comes with 2 goal set. Also this goals are made in USA and are great for youth to improve their skills. In the package you get 2 goals and 8 ground stakes. The size of this two goals are 54’’ x 36’’ x 20’’. You can use it wherever you want, backyard, parks…

Woodworm Portable goal

woodworm portable plastic goalHere is another goal which straight supported by tubes made of PVC. It has a 30-ply netting. With this goal there are also included ground pegs which are U-shaped. Dimensions of this goal are 12’ x 6’ x 3.5’ and it weight’s 17.2 lbs.

Le Petit Sports Pop-up

le petit sports pop up goalHere is another goal made from same material, but is different than ones before. This a pop up soccer goal. It also has a zipped pocket where you can storage your car keys or any other smaller thing. It comes with 3 pegs for make goal more stable to ground. You can easily store it in the adjustable carrying strap.

Different sizes

There are different kind of goals, but not just made of different materials, but also goals of different size. Sizes are different and can be 6 x 12, 4 x 6, 8 x 24, 6 x 18…

Make your own goal

Hey, do you know that you can make also your own PVC soccer goal. Yes, you can make it at home with low cost. Here I have found a video which will help you with that if you want. Take a look it below. This may not be a high quality goal, but I think you can use it at home without any problem.

Portable or not

We have also different types of goals and because I wanted to remember you that take a look which type of goal you want to have. There are two main types, this are portable PVC goals and the normal one, which is hard to move them around.

Recommendation and advice

After all what you have read, I think it’s good that I give you my recommendation and what I think. I think this PVC soccer goals are good, but are not best. Personally I would had a look at aluminum goals which are more quality and will probably last more. However, from 5 goals I have made reviews above, I would pick the Franklin Sports Blackhawk goal, because it has the best ratings and reviews.

What is next?

Now you have read this post about PVC goals and you don’t know what to do? I think now is the time you take a look on your own or choose one of the pvc soccer goals that I mention above.