Soccer rebounder – Check reviews and find the best 2016

soccer rebounderThere are so many goals on the market which are made for different places to play and for different things. One are made for matches, other for training, third just to play for fun. There are different brands who compete to be the leading in making soccer goals.

Yes, they are making goals, but which are the best soccer goals? Well today I will talk about soccer rebounder goal also called soccer bounce back net, which is a great training tool. I will tell you why it is good and you will also find some useful drills you can do. I will also tell you what are the things you should take in account before ordering one. I have also listed some of the best soccer rebounders and made reviews, take a look!

Best soccer rebounder reviews

Here I have listed some of the best soccer rebounder goals. I have chosen them on the basis of my research. These goals have some great customer testimonials and ratings. These goals have been bought by a lot of people, so by ordering one of this will be for sure ordering a high quality product.

  • Goalrilla Striker

goalrilla striker rebounder

Goalrilla Striker is one of the most sophisticated rebounders. Firstly it has a unique great looking design. Secondly it’s like two in one. On one side you have like normal goal, on the other side you have the rebounder. It is great for individual or team practice as well. It has a DuPont Powder coated steel and a nylon net, so you will be able to use it for a long time.



  • Tekk Trainer

tekk trainer rebounder

Tekk Trainer is another very popular rebounder. They say that Tekk Trainer  is the strongest and largest rebounder. You can adjust it to seven different positions, so it will return ball differently and is good for training players from all positions. It can be also set up quickly.





  • 6 x 4 feet Franklin Sports

6 x 4 franklin sports rebounder

Franklin sports 6 x 4 feet rebounder one of the best sellers between rebounders. I think it is mostly because has a lower price than other. It is made of steel and you can adjust it, so it return ball in the air or to the ground. In the middle it has a color target zone, so you can target there.





  • 12 x 6 feet Franklin Sports

12 x 6 franklin sports rebounde goal

Another Franklin Sports 12 x 6 feet rebounder which is bigger than other that I have mention. It is also made of steel (galvanized). Also this has in the middle the target zone.






  • 6 x 12 Trigon Sports

trigon sports 6 x 12 rebounder

6 x 12 rebounder by trigon sports has a black galvanized tube steel. It has 3 legs to stabilize the goal on each side of frame.



Why are they good?

These goals are great if we want to practice soccer to improve our skills or just to have fun. They can be used by individuals or by the whole team, it also depends on the type and size of rebounder.

What to look before ordering ?

You may think that ordering a soccer rebounder is easy and fast? Well let me tell you some things you should follow before you order one or more.

First of all, you should decide which size of rebounder you will choose. You should have in mind that if you get yourself one little it will be harder for you to train because you will have to be more precise and will have to go and chase the ball if you miss it.

Next important thing which effects on almost all people is the price of the product. If you are trying to save money on a rebounder, I suggest that you immediately stop and don’t get one. Why? Because there is almost always like you get what you pay for. Those cheap rebounders won’t last long and will break quickly. Besides that, you won’t improve your skills as much as you could with a high quality rebounder, so I definitely advice to pick one with a higher price to be save. If you really don’t have money I than suggest you to look at soccer rebounders for sale instead.

This may be a small problem for some people, so I have to mention it. This is the weight of the product. I’m sure everybody want to have a lightweight rebounder which you can move it around easily.

Another thing that is good to order beside the goal is an extra net. The net may accidentally torn, so it is good you have another one close to you.

Another thins also that you know where you will use them. If you will use indoor, than it is good if you take a look at indoor soccer rebounder, if there is any. Some of them are made for indoor and outdoor which is even better because you can use it wherever you want.

Final thing I want to add here is that is also great if these are portable soccer rebounders, because you never know where you can play or practice soccer. If you have which you can move around easily this is great, because you can go to your friends, family, club and play there.

Bounce back net drills

Here I have listed just a few drills you can do! You can do also other drills with your soccer rebounder trainer, but here I listed drills which are used the most.

What can players improve:

  • You can improve and get better and shooting, it is great because you don’t have to go to retrieve the ball from goal.
  • You can practice throw-ins, both throwing the ball and receiving it.
  • You can also improve your passing skills. Improve long passes and short passes without teammate
  • Another thing you can improve is trapping without the need of a teammate

What goalkeepers can improve:

  • Improve throwing the ball with speed and accuracy
  • This will also help them to make their arms stronger
  • Can improve diving and ball technique with it

What to do now?

I think this product is really an awesome tool for soccer lovers. Ones who practice a lot and for those who play it for fun. In this article I have given some great tips on which are good ones and what can you practice with them. From the list above I most like and recommend the Goalrilla Striker rebounder, because is the most sophisticated and has a great design. Now it’s your turn to take a look and order you favorite soccer rebounder on amazon where they have some special deals and they are a trustworthy brand or somewhere else online.